How do I exchange or upgrade my ticket?

It's super easy! Just make sure that what you want to exchange for is equal or HIGHER in price than the ticket you are exchanging as we do not offer partial refunds of left over amounts.

Find the Ticket Code from underneath your QR code of the ticket you want to exchange. It will have a T-XXX-XXX-XXX format. Copy that code then go to our store and place your new product or multiple products in your cart.

Step 1 - When you are done shopping, open your cart. There will be an "EXCHANGE TICKET" field:


Step 2 - Click on that link and then enter or paste your copied Ticket code in the field provided:


Remember that it is a T-XXX-XXX-XXX format from underneath your QR code on the ticket!

Step 3 - Once you have entered or copied the code, click on Exchange. Your Cart should automatically update to show you which ticket you are exchanging and how much is left to pay:


IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS, it means that something went wrong somewhere along the way. Don't worry, just go back to step 1 and repeat the process.

Step 4 - Pay the reduced Amount due as you would normally.








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