How do I change the day, group, or time of my ticket?

The best way is to create an account with us. That way you always have the most up-to-date information on your tickets! If you already did create an account, go to Step 3.

Step 1 -  If you did not already create an account, create it here:


Simply input all your information and click on the Sign up button. You will be taken to a new screen that lets you know that a verification email has been sent to your email address:


Go to your email and look for an email from Epic Photo Ops titled "Account Confirmation - Epic Photo Ops". It may be hiding in your spam folder, so check there too!

Step 2 - Verify your account! Once you have found the verification email, click on the Confirm account button.


This will take you back to the account to let you know that you are all set! Click on the Home Screen button next.


Step 3 - Home Screen. This is where all the magic happens! Here you can check out your tickets, look up an order, and make changes to your account settings. You will be looking for your tickets, so click on the My Tickets button.


Step 4 - Find my tickets. If you do not see your tickets, just click on the Find my tickets link, and after a moment, they should show up!


Once you have found the ticket you wish to change the day, group, or time of (as long as these are already available!), click on the View Ticket link. 


Step 5 - This will pop up your ticket and all its information. To make changes, just click on the Change ticket Options.


This will show you all the available options that you can change on your ticket.


Clicking on the Change day & time, will show you which other days, times, and groups are available. Note that if a schedule has not been published yet, you will only be able to change the day!


Click on the desired day and your ticket will immediately update to the new day!


Make sure to click Done to confirm your change!


Clicking anywhere in the grey area will close the pop up and take you back to your Home Screen where you can see that your ticket has been updated and where you can print your ticket.








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