How does this photo op thing work?

We at Epic Photo Ops have tried to streamline your photo op experience so that it takes the least amount of your time, allowing you more time to enjoy the convention.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Purchase ticket (either online or at the convention). 
  2. Arrive in the photo op area at least 5 but no more than 15 minutes before your photo op session starts. (Since we have limited line space, arriving earlier will only result in an angry Fire Marshall and much longer wait times for you!)
  3. A helpful volunteer will place you in the proper line and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Before you go into the photo op booth, your ticket will be scanned.
  5. Place your belongings and anything you do not wish in the photo on the table or shelf provided.
  6. A friendly usher will direct you to and from the guest, please follow their directions.
  7. Pick up your belongings and head towards the photo pick up tables, following the signs in the area.
  8. One of our cheerful print runners will either have the photo already waiting for you or will give it to you as you arrive. Please make sure to have your ticket ready.
  9. Take the photo AND your ticket to the Check-Out station and have both scanned out. If you have purchased any Digital (JPEG's) prints, they will have been emailed to you immediately at this point. Any extra prints you may have ordered will print at the Epic Reprint station.
  10. If you have not ordered any JPEG's or Extra Prints, you can do so now at the Epic Reprint station.
  11. It should take you no more than 5 minutes between having your photo taken and walking out of the photo op area with it.  :)
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